DLA and AA Caselaw (Book and USB)

Publication date: 2015 Edition: 11th Format: Paperback, 1000 pages
ISBN: 978 0 956942 06 7

This is an essential buy for any organisation providing advice and information surrounding Disability Living Allowance and Attendance Allowance. It contains a digest of over 600 caselaw decisions of social security commissioners/the Upper Tribunal and judgments from superior courts on the disability-related qualifying conditions for disability living allowance and attendance allowance.

The publication will prove invaluable to new and seasoned advisers (and decision-makers and tribunal members) seeking to establish the correct legal line for both the care and mobility components of DLA and the lower and higher rates of Attendance Allowance. This is available in print, electronically (as a USB stick) or both. The USB stick includes not only the full text of the print volume, but also the complete versions of all the decisions that have been summarised within it.

Author Mark Perlic is an experienced welfare rights practitioner and trainer, currently Acting Principal Welfare Rights Officer at Wolverhampton City Council’s Welfare Rights Service.

Published by MNP Training.

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