An End in Sight? Tackling child poverty in the UK

Publication date: 2001 Format: Paperback, 119 pages Published by: Child Poverty Action Group

An authoritative analysis of the Blair government’s record in tackling child and family poverty from 1997-2001. New Labour got off to a bad start by carrying out the previous government’s plans to cut lone parents’ benefits. Yet within two years Tony Blair had pledged to abolish child poverty within 20 years, and measures were being taken to increase the incomes of poor families.

In this book, distinguished contributors from various fields assess Labour’s policy measures. They look beyond the headlines to determine what real progress was made in this period towards abolition of child poverty.

The authors examine the Government’s performance in a number of policy areas relating to different aspects of poverty: employment; education; health; housing; neighbourhood renewal; the racial dimension.

The book also looks at the future of children’s benefits, and sets out what further anti-poverty measures need to be implemented by future governments.

A comprehensive audit of deprivation’ The Guardian

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