At Greatest Risk: the children most likely to be poor

Publication date: 2005 Format: Paperback, 208 pages

How great is the risk of a child being poor in the UK- According to one calculation a child has a 3% risk of poverty if living in a two parent family where both parents work, rising sharply to 74% where no parent is in work.

Yet the reported numbers don’t show the true extent of the problem. Certain ‘at risk’ groups are hidden in the statistics and some are disproportionately at risk or experience multiple disadvantages: such as lone parent families, children or parents with disabilities, larger families, Traveller families and asylum seekers.

At Greatest Risk identifies these various groups and looks at how to tackle the particular issues most affecting them. Benefit adequacy, work and worklessness, and housing are major issues. There must be a shift in government policy to address the needs of the most vulnerable children.

Throughout this book, key questions are posed for a Government that is intent on making its third term truly historic, progressing towards the eradication of child poverty in 2020. At Greatest Risk is essential reading for anyone concerned with child poverty, including politicians, policy makers, academics and social activists.

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