Benefits for Migrants Handbook | 9th edition

Publication date: 2017 Edition: 9th edition Format: Paperback, 500 pages Published by: Child Poverty Action Group
ISBN: 978-1-910715-09-3

This edition published Autumn 2017

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The Benefits for Migrants Handbook is the complete and definitive guide to social security entitlement for people who have come to, or who are leaving, the UK. 

With migrants’ rights constantly under discussion, it can be hard to keep up with what has actually changed. Our unique guide helps you navigate the complexity of the immigration and benefit rules, and contains the latest information on all the significant legislative and caselaw developments affecting people from abroad, including new information on asylum support.

What does it cover?

This handbook will help if you are struggling to:

■ identify whether you have a right to reside
■ provide the required evidence of your immigration status or residence rights
■ understand the significance of one member of your household having immigration leave with ‘no recourse to public funds’
■ work out how long your benefits will be paid if you go abroad
■ check your entitlement to asylum support and how to challenge a decision
■ establish when you do not need to have been present in Britain for 2 years to be entitled to disability or carers benefits
■ be clear on whether the UK is the ‘competent state’ to pay a benefit
■ challenge a decision to stop your JSA on the basis that you do not have a ‘genuine prospect of work’

Fully indexed and cross-referenced to both UK and European legislation and caselaw, the Benefits for Migrants Handbook is an essential resource for all those who need to understand how the rules operate in this complex area.

Who is it for?

This is an essential guide for EEA and non-EEA nationals, asylum seekers and refugees, families with different immigration statuses, claimants coming from or going to other European states, British citizens returning from abroad, and all migrants who need to navigate the complexity of the immigration and benefit rules.

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'The Benefits for Migrants Handbook remains the essential guide for anyone seeking to navigate the complex rules surrounding immigration and benefits.' – PHILLIP TAYLOR MBE & ELIZABETH TAYLOR OF RICHMOND GREEN CHAMBERS

‘Recommended without reservation … continues the fine record CPAG have in this field.

‘The only (guide) that I know of that successfully helps navigate such a complex maze of legislation while remaining readable and of practical use to advisers.’ - ADVISER

Of invaluable use for immigration and welfare benefit advisers… as well as legal practitioners in need of a quick, no-nonsense reference guide to solve practical problems.’ - IMMIGRATION, ASYLUM & NATIONALITY LAW

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