Children and Work in the UK

Publication date: 1998 Format: Paperback, 200 pages Published by: Child Poverty Action Group
ISBN: 1 901698 13 0

Children and Work in the UK is the first comprehensive review of the role and extent of children’s work in this country today. It traces the historical roots of child labour from the industrial revolution through to today’s part-time jobs, and examines how these fit alongside compulsory education. Issues covered include: which children work and why; whether such work is healthy or harmful; what can be learned from the experiences of children working in developing countries; why attitudes towards part-time paid work and school-based work experience schemes are so different.

In addition, this book makes a number of important policy recommendations which should inform any future debate on the issue.

Contributors: Norman Barton, Nicola Croden, Ellen Heptinstall, Sandy Hobbs, Shirley Horton, Michael Lavalette, Madeleine Leonard, Jim McKechnie, Rachel Marcus, Sue Middleton, Jules Shropshire, Ben Whitney.

Published by CPAG in association with Save the Children.

Reveals that more than a million children are forced to work in their spare time to boost household incomes…alarmingly, the evidence suggests that poorer children work the longest hours and so suffer educationally’ The Guardian

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