Consuming Credit: Debt and poverty in the UK

Publication date: 1991 Format: Paperback, 128 pages Published by: Child Poverty Action Group
ISBN: 0 946744 32 7

Consuming Credit examines the links between increased poverty, the growth of the credit industry and the problems of debt. Issues examined include: the exclusion of the poor from some forms of credit, and how they are channelled into higher cost repayment schemes; the concentration of debt amongst the poor; the social and personal consequences of debt; the burden that falls on women; protection for credit users; remedies.

A comprehensive new examination of the intertwined threads of increasing poverty, credit use and debt’ Observer

Janet Ford’s book is not dry economics. It is laced with cameos portraying the reality of being poor’ - The New Review (Low Pay Unit)

Provides a useful analysis of how the Government’s liberalisation of credit has failed to increase choice for lower income groups…The strength of Janet Ford’s study is her success in documenting a wide variety of material on credit and debt and combining this with an analysis of how poverty causes debt, rather than vice versa’ Roof

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