Council Tax Handbook 12th edition

Publication date: 2018 Edition: 12th Format: Paperback, 305 pages Published by: Child Poverty Action Group
ISBN: 978 1 910715 44 4


The Council Tax Handbook is the most widely used practical guide to all aspects of the council tax as it applies in England, Wales and Scotland.

The handbook explains:

  • who is liable and who is exempt from paying council tax
  • how homes are valued for tax purposes and how valuations can be changed
  • the position of students
  • discounts and the new reduction schemes
  • the powers of local authorities
  • tax collection, appeals, enforcement and bailiffs’ powers

Fully cross-referenced to caselaw and regulations, and filled with lots of practical examples, the handbook is an indispensable guide for taxpayers, advice agency staff, housing and consumer advisers, lawyers, local authority administrators and anyone else needing to understand the council tax and its application.

For CPAG members and CAB customers, the book is available for £22.10. Please contact us on 020 7812 5227 or email:


Covers all aspects of the tax and its application’ FINANCIAL TIMES

‘A comprehensive guide to all aspects of the council tax … easy to follow and use’ CITIZENS ADVICE

‘Provides the most up-to-date and reliable coverage of all aspects of the tax as it applies in Britain’ NCVO NEWS

Follows the by now familiar format of other CPAG guides … will be required by those advising people on how to reduce their council tax bills and anyone who needs to understand the scheme. Recommended’ THE ADVISER (Citizens Advice)

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