Disability Rights Handbook, 2019/20

Publication date: Due April 2019 Edition: 44th Published by: Disability Rights UK
ISBN: 978-1-903335-81-9


A guide to benefits and services for all disabled people, their families, carers and advisers.

The handbook provides in-depth, comprehensive guidance on the benefits system, explains how social care operates around the UK and includes information about other services and resources for disabled people.

Fully updated for 2019/20 it includes:

  • Benefits for people living with health conditions, injury or disability and for carers, children and young people
  • How the system works, how to claim and how to challenge a decision
  • Support for people in education or work, not in work, looking for work or in retirement
  • Getting and paying for care and support services

The rules change every year; in this uncertain economic and political time, and continued welfare reform and benefit cuts, keeping up with the changes is critical.

About the publication
Written by benefits specialists, it’s the only user-friendly guide designed to provide answers for both claimants and advisers. It delivers  complex information in clear, straightforward plain-English.

What’s new this year?
Universal Credit has been rolled out across the UK but the way it operates and the schedule for migration keeps changing, as do the rules which govern it. Transitional rules allow for some ‘top ups’ to the incomes of some people being migrated to the new benefit. Case law continues to have an impact on the way the law is applied, particularly with more recent benefits such as Personal Independence Payment.

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