Disabled Children: a legal handbook | 2nd edition

Publication date: 2015 Edition: 2nd edition Format: Paperback, 568 pages Published by: Legal Action Group

Disabled children: a legal handbook builds on the strengths of the first edition to provide an authoritative, yet accessible, guide to the legal rights of disabled children and their families. The authors expertly navigate the many, often overlapping, sources of law, explaining the differences between what public bodies must do to support disabled children and that which they may do.

This new edition has a new section on mental capacity and decision making as well as a dedicated chapter on the legal remedies available to disabled children and their families to enforce their rights. It also covers the key provisions relating to disabled children and other children ‘in need’ included in the Children and Families Act 2014 and the new ‘Working Together’ guidance.

Contents include:

  • Understanding disabled children’s lives
  • Legal fundamentals
  • Mental capacity and decision-making
  • Children’s services
  • Education
  • Health (including Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services)
  • Housing
  • Carers
  • Equality and non-discrimination
  • Transitions to adulthoods
  • Legal Remedies

The handbook aims to empower disabled children and their families through a greater understanding of their rights and entitlements. It is essential reading for the families of disabled children, their advocates and lawyers, voluntary and statutory sector advisers, commissioners, managers and lawyers working for public authorities, education, social and health care professionals, students and academics.

Published by Legal Action Group.