Ending Child Poverty by 2020 - Progress made and lessons learned

Publication date: 2012 Edition: 1 Format: Paperback, 83 pages Published by: Child Poverty Action Group
ISBN: 978 1 906076 82 5

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In this landmark report, CPAG has brought together leading academics and campaigners to reflect on the progress made towards ending child poverty in the UK, as well as to consider the risks for the future.

It sets out where we are today, exploring the official poverty statistics alongside broading measures of child wellbeing and social mobility. It also shows that ongoing efforts to redefine ‘poverty’ are disparaging what has been achieved to date. Many of the crucial programmes that have enabled over a million children to be lifted out of poverty over the past decade are now under threat. If the pledge to end child poverty in a generation is to be fulfilled, urgent action is needed now.

First published June 2012, updated December 2012.

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