Europe: for richer or poorer?

Publication date: 1993 Format: Paperback, 144 pages Published by: Child Poverty Action Group
ISBN: 0 946744 55 6

Europe: for richer or poorer? looks at the consequences of EU developments for social policy and the poor. The authors examine not only the Social Chapter, but also moves to guarantee a minimum income and services for children throughout the EU. They analyse the different social policy traditions, including detailed comparisons of family benefits and childcare provisions, within each member state, the geography of poverty throughout Europe, and tendencies towards ‘Fortress Europe’.

Uniquely this analysis extends to the evolution of social policy in Eastern Europe, and the global impact of EU commercial policy on poorer countries outside the Community. In this challenging collection, the contributors (from the EU and beyond) consider whether this ‘marriage’ of member states will benefit primarily commerce, the workforce, or all residents of the European Union.

‘Well researched and thought-provoking’ LABOUR RESEARCH

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