Improving Children's Life Chances

Publication date: 2016 Format: Paperback Published by: Child Poverty Action Group
ISBN: 978-1-910715-20-8

This book brings together leading voices from academia and practice to discuss whether the government's new life chances agenda is meaningful.

What does a life chances approach mean? What can be done to improve children's life chances and how are they affected by poverty and deprivation?

The government has made a commitment to improve children's life chances. In this book, experts from research, policy and practice discuss the implications of the shift to 'life chances' as a frame for social policy, set out measures to improve children's life chances from perspectives including health, housing, families, early years, education and social mobility, and explain why we can't aspire to improving life chances unless we take action to reduce poverty.

‘Your chance in British life is still far too much a matter of fortune. This comprehensive set of essays diagnoses the problem and instructs politicians how to win the argument for change. - PHILIP COLLINS, THE TIMES

‘Here is all the evidence we need to show what helps children thrive and what stunts their life chances.’ - POLLY TOYNBEE, THE GUARDIAN

A host of ...skilled authors show how everything from housing to health is made so much worse by poverty. This poverty is entirely avoidable in a country as rich as the UK.’ - DANNY DORLING, UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD

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