Off The Map: The social geography of poverty

Publication date: 1995 Format: Paperback, 208 pages Published by: Child Poverty Action Group
ISBN: 978 0 946 744 770

The first book to explore systematically the patchwork geography of poverty in the UK. Off The Map brings together a number of respected geographers to open a new window on current debates on the prevalence and character of poverty today. Among the themes emerging from this study are: the extent of rural poverty; the existence of a ‘Celtic divide’, with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland suffering disproportionately; how the better-off work alongside the poor in the new high-tech industrial areas; how the North-South divide is still very much with us. A unique assessment of the uneven spread of poverty and wealth.

Yet another solid piece of research from CPAG…a welcome contribution to the debate’ Voluntary Voice

Offers a variety of perspectives using a range of data…with a human perspective to the experience of poverty’ Journal of Social Policy

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