Parallel Lives? Poverty among ethnic minority groups in Britain

Publication date: 2002 Format: Paperback, 166 pages Published by: Child Poverty Action Group
ISBN: 1 901698 49 1

In Britain today the chances of being poor vary enormously according to your ethnic group.Parallel Lives? Poverty among ethnic minority groups in Britain explores the extent to which particular minority groups lead a parallel existence to that of the population as a whole, through greater rates of poverty and deprivation. It identifies the ways in which past discrimination and disadvantage has affected the current welfare of minority groups. It evaluates the extent to which current structures and policies perpetuate or mitigate deprivation. And it reflects on the prospects for the future: for today’s children and for future generations. It also considers the attempts that have been made to tackle ethnic minority disadvantage and the proposals that have been put forward. 

A decade after CPAG first published Poverty in Black and WhiteParallel Lives? draws on the increased wealth of data and research now available to provide an essential resource on the facts and figures on ethnic minority poverty. It makes comparisons both with the majority, ‘white’ population and within the ethnic minority population as a whole. 

Parallel Lives? is essential reading for academics, researchers, students, policymakers, campaign groups and anyone interested in ethnic minority issues.

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