Paying the Price: carers, poverty and social exclusion

Publication date: 2001 Format: Paperback, 133 pages Published by: Child Poverty Action Group
ISBN: 1 901698 39 4

There are almost two million people in the UK providing are and support to someone, often a relative, who cannot manage alone because of their age, health or disability. The unpaid work of these carers saves the taxpayer an estimated £34 billion a year in health and social services. Yet the price is paid by the many carers who live in poverty, excluded from social activities and paid employment, and who often feel isolated and unrecognised in their role.

Paying the Price draws on new research to examine the impact of caring on different types of carer, including young carers, parents, working-age carers and carers over pension age. Case studies illustrate the problems faced by different groups.

While there have been a number of positive government initiatives, the depth and extent of poverty and social exclusion among carers mean that more is needed to ensure that those who care for others continue to do so. In particular, Paying the Price examines the support available to carers and recommends urgently needed improvements to welfare benefits, services and other support.

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