Poverty Bites: food, health and poor families

Publication date: 2001 Format: Paperback, 136 pages Published by: Child Poverty Action Group
ISBN: 1 901698 45 9

There is increasing evidence that people who live for long periods on low incomes cannot afford sufficient food to maintain good health. This book explores why this happens and considers the consequences for families and children in terms of their nutritional, health and social wellbeing.

The authors challenge common myths around food poverty, and focus on four main policy areas:

  • food access and security, including the role of town planners and the food industry as well as problems of households managing on a small budget;
  • nutrition and health – evidence of how food poverty affects families and children;
  • current local and national initiatives; and
  • challenges for action – what can be done by government, industry and health/regeneration professionals to tackle food poverty long-term.

‘Poverty Bites, in my view, is the best summary of current understanding and data about food poverty’- Tim Lang, Professor of Food Policy, Thames Valley University 

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