Poverty, Crime and Punishment

Publication date: 1997 Format: Paperback, 176 pages Published by: Child Poverty Action Group
ISBN: 0 946744 97 1

The view that poverty causes crime is often simply taken for granted. This book critically examines how we think about the links between poverty, crime and punishment. It shows that crime is committed for a variety of reasons by the rich as well as the poor, but that, in an increasingly unequal society, the poor are penalised more. 

Poverty, Crime and Punishment is the first book to signal to the Labour Government the task it faces in genuinely being ‘tough on the causes of crime’, and in reconciling its commitment to social justice with the pressing need to restore faith in the criminal justice system.

It courageously confronts the assumptions and moral hazards which have predicated social policy for so long - the nuclear family, the ‘underclass’, the permissive society’ Michael Mansfield QC

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