Poverty First Hand: poor people speak for themselves

Publication date: 1999 Format: Paperback, 232 pages Published by: Child Poverty Action Group
ISBN: 0 946744 89 0

Poverty First Hand is a unique account of poor people’s own analysis of poverty: its definition, causes and effects; their views on government and media treatment of poverty; their views on what policies are needed and what part poor people should play in them. It is based on a two-year participatory nationwide project that involved a wide range of groups of people with direct experience of poverty, including lone parents, disabled people, parents with pre-school age children, people on benefits and low income, unemployed people, older people, young offenders and homeless people. Poverty First Hand offers a forceful first-hand analysis of poverty in the UK which has profound implications both for poverty debates and the future of anti-poverty policy.‘

The politicians and social policy gurus, who shape anti-poverty measures, are often economically and geographically distant from poor people. Poverty First Hand demonstrates that low-income citizens can collectively form and express their solutions. Not only should they be listened to, they should also be incorporated into government policy-making bodies.’ Bob Holman, Neighbourhood Worker, EASTERHOUSE ESTATE, GLASGOW

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