Poverty in Black and White: Deprivation and ethnic minorities

Publication date: 1992 Format: Paperback, 72 pages Published by: Child Poverty Action Group - Runnymede Trust
ISBN: 0 946744 44 0

Drawing on the joint expertise of CPAG and The Runnymede Trust, Poverty in Black and White examines such issues as: the racial segregation of the labour market; the low pay, poor working conditions and unemployment suffered by workers from minority ethnic groups; the way in which immigration policies create and compound poverty; how the social security system discriminates against particular minorities. It also puts forward broad areas of policy change which begin to tackle racist injustice. Exploring the link between poverty, racial discrimination and immigration policy, the authors set out to explain why so often to be a member of a minority ethnic group is to be poor.

Poverty in Black and White aims to challenge the ‘colour-blind’ approach to poverty on the part of policy makers’ Voluntary Voice

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