Tax Credits: one year on

Publication date: 2004 Format: Paperback, 82 pages Published by: Child Poverty Action Group

Introduced in April 2003, the new tax credits – child tax credit and working tax credit – represent a major change in government policy on making work pay for low-income families and are critical to the success of the Government’s pledge to end child poverty by 2020.

Tax Credits: one year on reviews the first year of the new system and makes policy recommendations for the future. Drawing on case studies provided to CPAG by welfare rights advisers across the UK, the book looks beyond the well-documented implementation problems and examines broader issues of concern, including childcare, income assessments, overpayments and the relationship with other benefits. The problems experienced by some families in the scheme’s initial 12 months highlight the need for further reform if tax credits are to be truly successful in eradicating child poverty.

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