The Cost of a Child: Living standards for the 1990s

Publication date: 1993 Format: Paperback, 88 pages Published by: Child Poverty Action Group
ISBN: 0 946744 56 4

This research, carried out by the Family Budget Unit at the University of York, is the first systematic reassessment of the basic benefit scales since the Beveridge Report in 1948.The Cost of a Child uses two budget standards, or specific baskets of goods and services which when priced represent two standards of living. There is a modest-but-adequate standard representing the cost of the average child, and a low-cost budget reduced to necessities. Behind the statistics lie important findings for use in tackling current issues - including the position of lone parents, subsidised childcare, child benefit and levels of income support.

This new research study adds to the growing evidence that income support – the safety net below which no-one’s income should fall – does not meet even the most minimal needs of children’ Legal Action

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