The Costs of Education: a local study

Publication date: 2003 Format: Paperback, 30 pages Published by: Child Poverty Action Group

School uniforms and trips, after school clubs, sport and music lessons… Despite having a ‘free’ education system, the additional costs associated with a child’s schooling are growing every year. These costs impose a significant burden on parents trying to make ends meet on a low income. As a result many children are excluded from participating fully in school activities. Financial assistance is sometimes available, but not all parents are aware it exists, or else they may be reluctant to ask.

The Costs of Education presents – often in their own words – the concerns of a group of parents in the Oxford area about the extra costs associated with their children’s education. The authors go on to make practical recommendations to schools, local education authorities and national government. A topical subject tackled in a readable style, this new study – carried out by CPAG Oxford and District Branch – is essential reading for anyone who cares about children and their education.

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