Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits Handbook 2019/20 (Online Subscription)

CPAG’s Handbook provides comprehensive, reliable information on all welfare benefits and tax credits.

The definitive guide to the social security system in the UK.

Price £61 per user for annual subscription (CPAG members and CAB customers £51.85.)

This service includes the full text of the Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits Handbook, searchable and linked internally so you can skip to the next piece of relevant information with one mouseclick. It is updated on a rolling basis throughout the year - an invaluable service that means your online Handbook will keep pace with social security reform and changes to the law.

CPAG’s Handbook provides comprehensive, reliable information on all welfare benefits and tax credits. 

This edition gives comprehensive advice about entitlement in 2019/20.

It includes new and updated information on:

    • who can claim benefits and tax credits
    • the introduction and implementation of universal credit
    • disability and incapacity benefits, and the work
    • capability assessment for employment and support allowance
    • dealing with benefit sanctions
    • challenging decisions, backdating, overpayments, income and capital, and national insurance provisions
    • the new bereavement support payment

Tactical guidance is included throughout to help navigate the complexities of the system and enforce your rights.

Fully indexed and cross-referenced to law, regulations, official guidance, and court, Upper Tribunal and commissioners’ decisions, it is an essential resource for claimants, advisers, local authority staff and lawyers.

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