When Children Pay: US welfare reform and its implications for UK policy

Publication date: 2000 Format: Paperback, 192 pages Published by: Citizens Advice
ISBN: 1 901698 15 7

The concepts behind ‘Welfare to Work’ – the ‘New Deal’ – are imported from the United States. But how relevant is the American experience of welfare reform to the UK, and what lessons are there for a British Government aiming to abolish child poverty within twenty years.

When Children Pay
aims to reach a critical understanding of both US and UK approaches to poverty and income maintenance, highlighting what may work and what is unlikely to work when transplanted from the US to the UK. As well as analysing the US approach, it presents evidence of its success or otherwise in alleviating child poverty. The authors conclude with recommendations for British policy makers to take on board when planning to abolish child poverty.

There is an urgent need for this study given a continuing UK interest in welfare reform policies implemented in Wisconsin and other American states.

Rosemary Link is Professor of Social Work and Chair of the Professional Studies Division, Augsburg College, Minnesota. Anthony Bibus is the BSW Programme Director and teaches social work at Augsburg College. Karen Lyons is Reader in Social Work at the University of East London. David Bull is Associate Senior Lecturer in International Social Welfare and Public Policy at the University of Bristol, and a former Chair of CPAG’s Executive Committee.

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