Windows of Opportunity: Public policy and the poor

Publication date: 1991 Format: Paperback, 144 pages Published by: Child Poverty Action Group
ISBN: 0 946744 35 1

Looking at the prospects offered by the European Union, and by other economic, social and demographic changes forecast for the UK, Windows of Opportunity lays the foundations of a new agenda for the future. An agenda based on a genuine commitment to the principles of citizenship, participation and real opportunity for all.

Contributors: Pete Alcock, Saul Becker, Fran Bennett, Alan Deacon, Peter Golding, Paul Gordon, Jane Millar, Graham Room, Jill Vincent. Foreword: Peter Townsend.

A book attempting to set out policy goals for the 90s…encompassing not only social security but employment opportunities, taxation and quality public services’ The Guardian

Calls on all the major political parties to review their policies in order to abolish poverty by the end of the century’ Daily Telegraph

Expertise, clarity and readability, up-to-dateness, careful argument…A rich quarry of facts, ideas and arguments…You will not find anything better’ - Professor Paul Wilding

Helps to re-orientate and re-invigorate what has become a stale debate about poverty’ Social Work Today

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